Ger Doornink
Ger Doornink (1949) –  is a multidisciplinary talent who is specialized in painting, illustration and photography. He studied Publicity at Arnhem Art Academy and started his career as designer and photographer. Doornink lived in Tokyo where he was influenced by the `Japanese style´ that he began to use in his design. After that, in a period in which he lived in Milan, he became impressed by the Italian masters. When returning to the Netherlands he studied the Dutch old masters, in special Rembrandt.

Nowadays, Ger Doornink paints large women portraits.
In those portraits he combines all the aspects that have had influenced him during his career and adding his eye for beauty. He is in continuous search of beauty, focusing in his technique and exploring its edges, for example by working layer upon layer with water, oil and resin. The influence of Japonism, the flat plane without perspective and Cloisonnism, the head is removed from the background by a frame are two characteristics in his work The graphic white line, a feature within his work, depicts abstract backlighting. In addition, the portraits are always connected to cultural characteristics, such as clothing and headgear. Serenely the portraited women look at the spectator.

Powerful stripes, smudges and stains intertwine the beautifully stylized faces. These additions make the ladies turn strong, graceful or vulnerable, but without the exception to give a modern look to the large paintings. Using subtle shades of gray in the background and adding a colorful palette to the foreground.