About Salome Art Venture

Salome Art Venture is a gallery and online art venture founded in 2012 by Wilma and Marcel Salome. As owners of the fine art print company Re-Art (www.re-art.com), they meet the need to offer special and exclusive contemporary art both original and in limited editions.

Salome Art Venture represents internationally known, contemporary artists and has an eye for upcoming new talents that they bring to the attention at an early stage and whose works are still affordable. Salome Art Venture represents work by artists who each have their own unique style and which are innovative, inspiring and retain their value.

Through years of collaboration with our artists, we have built up a personal relationship with our artists and share their passion to present their artworks internationally. Salome Art Venture therefore only sells art of superior quality that retains its value over time.

In addition to the online website Salome Art Venture, Marcel and Wilma Salome also represent the websites 25LMTD.com and Imaginary Realism.com


25LMTD (read twenty five limited) arose as a spontaneous action during the corona crisis, which caused the work of Re-Art to come to a complete standstill. Creative entrepreneurship gave rise to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčasking the artists with whom Re-Art collaborates to publish a special edition with a circulation of 25 pieces. Thanks to the support of the artists, Re-Art was able to compensate part of the turnover.


Imaginary Realism

Marcel Salome’s passion within art is “realism with imagination” also called imaginary realism. Since 2006 Marcel Salome Dreamscapes has published books and organized international exhibitions on imaginary realism. The many collaborations with artists within imaginary realism have created an expertise and bond with the artists and collectors of imaginary realism. The website imaginaryrealism.com brings the artist and collector together within this niche of art.


Marcel Salome

Founder, Curator & Sales

Wilma Salome

Sales & Shipping